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Two people hug at festival

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Michael Fritz, Co-founder of Viva con Agua
Volunteers collecting plastic cups at festival

Donate while dancing?

A story about the belief in joyful activism

"In a way, we changed the perspective of development work,” says Michael Fritz, co-founder of ‘Viva con Agua’. The non-profit organisation brings clean water to communities in the global South by harnessing the power of music festivals, concerts, and cultural events to raise vital funds. Michael is steadfast in his belief that gathering donations can be an enjoyable endeavor – it’s all about ingenuity and integrating it seamlessly into people’s daily lives. And guess what? It works like a charm!
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Universal access to safe drinking water

Compared to Germany, we can clearly see the disparity in access to fresh and clean drinking water worldwide. To address this issue, 'Viva con Agua' is actively involved in countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, and many others.


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